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Stoke Signal Reflective - THE ROYALE

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Early morning run or late night commute? Be seen with Stoke Signal Reflective. 

We take our super comfortable sock and weave highly reflective yarn into the stripe pattern. The result is a sock that doesn't scream "hi-viz!!" and is perfectly suited for both day and night time pursuits.

Why should you wear reflective socks?

Should you be caught out after dark, adding reflective material to body parts in motion - such as the feet, knees, and arms - illuminates your natural Biomotion and reduces the time needed for a driver to realize you are a person and not a stationary object. Socks are a great option for reflective material for two main reasons:

  • Whether you are a runner or cyclist, your feet are always moving in a conspicuous pattern 
  • Unlike most highly reflective gear, socks are worn year round, no matter what the weather, and during all activities

Color: Purple with Light Grey and Reflective Stripes


  • 8 Reflective Stripes 
  • Be seen from all angles with 360 degrees of reflective material
  • Antimicrobial Polypro/Nylon Blend 
  • Strategically Placed Cushion in Heel and Toe
  • Arch Compression Band
  • Top of Foot Ventilation 
  • Flat knit construction
  • 5 inch cuff perfectly positions the sock just below the calf
  • Manufactured and sourced in North Carolina

Size Information

Small - W 5-8, M 4-7, EU 37-41

Medium - W 8-12, M 7-10, EU 42-44

Large - M 11-14, EU 45-48