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Black with Pink Checkerboard

  • $14.99
  • $14.99
Additional Colors
Black with Light Blue Checkerboard
Black + Orange Checkerboard
White with Orange Checkerboard

Color: Black base with black and pink checkerboard pattern

Cushioning: All Season Sock featuring mid-level cushion in the ball of the foot, toe, and heel

Variable Sock Height: Small: 5 inches, Medium: 5.5 inches, Large: 6 inches


  • Custom Antimicrobial Polypro Nylon Blend
  • Top of Foot Ventilation
    • Dry feet even on long, super hot, humid days. Dry feet = happy, blister free feet

  • Strategically Placed Cushion in Heel and Toe
    • Reduces friction between the foot and shoe and helps reduce foot fatigue. This is especially important for trail runners that engage different portions of the shoe during footstrike depending on the terrain.
  • Arch Compression Band + Flat knit Construction
    • Keeps the sock positioned properly on your foot at all times. Say goodbye to mid run or mid ride sock adjustments! Guaranteed!
  • Manufactured in North Carolina

Added together, these features create a sock that checks all the boxes. Stoke Signal socks will keep your feet feeling fresh, comfortable, and dry, and are even super durable. Even when you take them on the most epic of adventures. Give us a try - your feet will thank you.

Size Information:

Small - W 5-8, M 4-7, EU 37-41

Medium - W 8-12, M 7-10, EU 42-44

Large - M 11-14, EU 45-48